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How can I add my business, services or office to the PK360 Business Directory?
You can submit your listing using the online form. In order to do so you have to create an user account.

Who can register for a directory listing?
Any business, service, or organization can register for a listing in the PK360 Business Directory. The goal of the directory is to promote awareness of businesses and services in Pakistan and for pakistani business, services and offices worldwide.

Are listings monitored? My listing is not visible, what do I do?
Yes all listings are monitored and will be activated after approval. Please allow 2 business days for the activation process. We reserve the right to remove, ban or delete any listings which are not appropriate for our Business Directory.    

Do I have to pay for my listing or creating an user account?
No. there are absoluteley no costs or hidden fees for your listing or creating an user account. Our services are completely free.

What languages are supported?
German, English and Urdu are supported and details about your listings can be added in 3 languages.

How can I enhance my listing, to get more visibility?
You can keep your listing fresh, and get more visibility, with a page to showcase a specific product, services or specials.

What if I don’t find a directory category that fits my business or organization?
While the business directory covers a broad cross-section of categories, a business or organization may not find a category that describes its services. If possible, please use the existing categories; if you find this unworkable, please email your concern to Our team will decide whether it can accommodate a request for a new category, as the addition may have broader impact on the directory organization and maintenance.

Can I upload pictures and logos to my listing?
Yes you can upload a maximum of 5 images to your gallery page and your logo. Please be aware of the the upload size and formats. For your gallery you have a maximum space of 500kb. You may add one image of 500kb in size or 5 images of 100kb in size each. The minimum height should not be below 256 pixels and width should not be below 300 pixels. Formats accepted are: .gif, .jpg or .png. Logos have the following restrictions: Maximum image size is 100kb. Minimum width should not be below 300 pixels. Height should not exceed 70 pixels.

What is your privacy policy?
Please visit our privacy policy page.

I have another question that I do not see on this list, what do I do?
Please send us an e-Mail to:

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